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Thomas' Story


Stories of Impact

Thomas’ smile is infectious, is it not? Behind that smile is a broken home and an environment that is, at best, sub-par.

He came from Springfield, MA to a 12th Rock baseball camp, and he learned that he can find security, love and a hope for a future as a child of God!

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Ben's Story


Stories of Impact

Ben appears to have it all together... the right shoes, clothes, athletic ability, popularity at school, mom and dad at home, and a great community. He is “skating” through life so it seems, but he eventually senses a void basketball can’t fill.

A friend invites Ben to come to a 12th Rock basketball camp and for the first time he understood that he is a child of God.

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Sophie's Story

Stories of Impact

Sophie is a gifted athlete. She is fun, loving, full of life, full of promise, and a child of God. However, she was unsure of herself, a bit reserved on the court, and did not understand her potential as an athlete.
Our coaches made a great connection with Sophie at one of our volleyball camps. They saw her leadership potential and helped her understand that she could make a great impact on others through coaching.

Sophie now uses her skills to help coach younger kids at our volleyball camps.

At 12th Rock, we get to experience so many stories of life change, just like the ones above. You can help us tell the next story!



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