A Letter of Thankfulness

We received a letter from a parent and I'm sharing it to thank you for helping us tell stories like these! 

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank the 12th Rock family for all they have meant to us.

My daughter, Susy, is nine-years-old and my son, Jason is 13. Both of our kids are adopted from Korea. Susy started archery several years ago through 12th Rock’s Centershot program and loved it! Not only did she learn the fundamentals of archery, she learned respect, the importance of following rules, and, of course, the love and acceptance of God through Jesus. At first I thought taking her to each session was just for her, but I enjoyed being at every session too because of the love and compassion of the 12th Rock staff and coaches. It was also fun connecting with other parents.

I tried for several years to get my shy, science/math kid (Jason) to attend Centershot with no success. But patience and perseverance paid off. Jay finally attended the summer 2017 Centershot camp at B & B Archery, loved it and was good at it! He made connections we never dreamed possible. Jay thrived at archery learning new skills, confidence, and the coaches modeled with their lives, what unconditional love and acceptance is…even if we miss the mark (see what I did there). Archery is the perfect sport for people who are not quite interested in “team” activities. Susy and Jason both had a blast!

Thank you all for pouring into each one of us your time, attention and for making each one of us feel valued by God. We appreciate the coaches accepting us at all and any capability levels. Our next mission is registering for the basketball skills clinic. So much for my science kid never being interested in sports!

May God bless this ministry as it continues to bless the children and families in our region. We can’t wait to see what’s next!"

- Diane Kirk

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