Be 1 of 400 to give $300 by April 30th, 2018!

In March 2017 12th Rock supporters like you gave over $100,000 toward our goal in just twelve weeks! We are hoping you will do it again this year! The owners of the property (being referred to as the Northeastern Field, until officially named) believe in our vision wholeheartedly and gave us a one-year extension to pay off the balance of the property. We are so close!

Will you be 1 of the 400 people we need to give towards our goal of $120,000? Your gift of $300 by April 30th, 2018 or a gift of any amount, as your heart leads (HERE), will allow us to pay off the balance on the property and get to work on the new facility. What a way to start the new year! DONATE HERE

The support has been amazing and we are so grateful for you! Because of you, 12th Rock had a fabulous year! Your generous heart in 2017 helped so many kids in our programs, both personally and athletically. When we look into the faces of the children who participate in 12th Rock Sports, it is evident God is working in their lives. Because of you, kids who come to an activity feeling inadequate, empty or lost, go home feeling loved, valued and realizing their potential. Because of you, our coaches have the privilege of pouring positive encouraging messages into kids who may never hear, from anyone else, how unique and special they really are! Helping a child realize their potential not only changes their lives, but changes the lives of the people around them as well. Here’s a recent experience from one of our archery program participants:

Fourteen-year-old Jason is a young man with Aspergers achieving a 95 average in school. He is blessed with a loving, supportive family. However, sports and relationships were not easy for Jay because he was not athletic and very shy. His sister, Susan, has been participating in the 12th Rock archery program for a few years. Susan encouraged Jason to join the archery program and he did. Not only has Jason developed some fierce archery skills, which helped him with focus, but he was loved, accepted and encouraged by his archery program peers. Several of the coaches are personally still investing in Jay helping him to become all he is created to be. Jason also encouraged friends to join 12th Rock’s archery program and they are all having a blast together. Jason’s mom wrote to us recently, “I am so grateful to 12th Rock for all that you do for my kids! But I must also confess, I am excited to drive 45 minutes to the program every Saturday for the encouragement and time the coaches give us parents too!”Change has a rippling effect!

It has been such a remarkable year, and we can’t express how much we appreciate you. Financial gifts from generous donors provided for more than just a sports program. It allowed kids to realize their worth, learn responsibility, and how to walk in integrity, compassion and respect of family and community. It brought people together and cultivated relationships that may have never happened otherwise. Financial gifts changed lives through a positive atmosphere and caused children and their parents to find a sense of belonging and acceptance. Ultimately these gifts brought love to so many people and that’s exactly what we all need as we navigate in a world of constant negativity.

We have the passion and volunteers to continue the work God has called us to, but we need your help. Our programs are growing, but we lack the facilities to expand. It’s a wonderful problem to have! God is calling the 12th Rock team to bring to our area a central hub for youth sports for the purpose of changing lives and our communities. This sports complex will accommodate nearly any sport, including the rising needs of the track community, and will have a major impact on the youth and families in the Middletown, greater Hudson Valley and Tri-state areas of the Northeast.  DONATE HERE

Thank you in advance for helping us work toward investing in our community one child at a time, one family at a time. Feel free to attend any 12th Rock event and see for yourself how we put to work the gifts you entrust to us. Visit our website for updates on the Northeastern Field and for other important 12th Rock happenings.

With sincere gratitude,

Greg Jaloszynski and Mark Jaloszynski

Co-founders of 12th Rock Ministries, Inc.