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You better BELIEVE it; sports are extremely influential in the life of a child. In less than two months Kyle will be graduating high school. Kyle has participated, volunteered, and led in 12th Rock programming and his school, for his entire childhood. He literally has been in the gym since birth. Your support over the years has afforded him many opportunities for growth, physically, spiritually, and as a leader. His faith is strong, he shows tremendous perseverance, and strong leadership potential.  Over the last 18 years 12th Rock has seen many more “Kyle’s” come up through the programs, thanks to your support.


In April we sent out an appeal letter asking people to Help the Hopeless Children. Currently 12th Rock introduces 3,000 children a year to the only Hope… Jesus, through high quality sports programming. Every $5/month provides an opportunity to a child to be introduced to this HOPE. As of the first of April, 1,953 of the 3,000 kids 12th Rock serves were not adequately funded monthly. In April we saw a hand full of one-time gifts that helped tremendously. We received gifts of $200, $300, $1000 and $5,000 of which equates to 108 more kids a month introduced to the HOPE of Jesus! 1,845 kids to go!

Every $5/month gives HOPE to 1 child, like Kyle and their family. DONATE HERE



The 12th Rock Titans began practices and tournament play. They have had a great season so far, learning many life lessons in the midst of the chaos of AAU basketball, the main one being focus. Collectively they have won 3 tournaments. They have 3 tournaments left, their final one will be at Spooky Nook in Manheim, PA.

12th Rock Archery hosted the American Heritage Girls from Goodwill Church on March 23rd for the Me and My Guy event. The team of volunteers introduced the sport of archery to 23 girls and their significant male role model (father, grandfather, uncle). The guys were encouraged to live out their faith in Jesus, so their girls could follow in their steps. The girls were exhorted to never lose their wonder and child-like faith.

12th Rock engaged our community to plan and promote a powerful and timely movie for today’s culture called Screenagers. Kyle was part of the panel, consisting of the director of the youth bureau, a medical doctor, a mental health expert, and the director of family services.  The panel answered the facilitator’s questions and the crowd’s questions after the viewing of the film. Kyle did an amazing job, clearly speaking about the effects of technology on his generation.

12th Rock Archery kicked off the sixth archery season on May 4th, 24 archers are registered. They will learn the sport of archery, shooting at a variety of targets. At the same time, they will be mentored by 5 new volunteers who love Jesus, sharing 6 biblical truths with the archers and their families.

12th Rock Basketball Skills Academy is up and running, with 12 kids participating ranging in age from 7-11.

New this spring is the 12th Rock 3 on 3 Basketball League, 14 teenage boys are having a blast playing the game and making new friends. This league seems to be a hit so we may try it again in the fall.


A two week Archery Unit at the Alternative Learning Center at Valley Central Schools!

12th Rock Open (Archery Tournament) sponsored by B&B Archery HERE

Summer programs HERE

Hosting Mission Teams this summer to facilitate a soccer camp in the black dirt region of Orange County

Father’s Day tailgate party at Hudson Valley Renegades opening day.


As you can see, there is much to do, so little time. Jesus charged each one of his believers to go and make disciples (followers). Every one of these programs and events is doing just that, consistency is the key to making disciples. 12th Rock strives to provide opportunities for this generation to be introduced to the Gospel, then go and do the same. Kyle is a fine example that what God is doing in and through 12th Rock works. Our fundraising goal for 2019 is to close the gap that exists each month to minister to the kids and families we interact with. Every $5/month gives HOPE to 1 child, like Kyle and their family.

Thanks for your consistent support. 1,845 kids to go! DONATE HERE

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