Mind blowing day starts with a 4am decision

Well there are good days and there are bad days, then you get one of those days where God decides to blow your mind. February 27th, 2018 was one of those days.

The excavator (Dino is his name) we hired to grind up the barns on President's weekend, came  to drop off a wrecking ball for us to use to start breaking up the foundations. He was going to drop it off Monday night, but I asked if he could do it Tuesday morning so I could get a quote from him to demo the concrete barn, the foundations and the silos, he agreed. Monday night he and his wife watched an HBO special on inner city kids in Baltimore who are stuck in the cycle of drugs and violence. He was moved to do something about it, so he Googled how to help inner city kids. The first thing that popped up was "how can I help inner city kids in my area?" He clicked on it and the first website that came up was 12th Rock's.

The whole time he was working on the NE Field he shut the gate on his way out. We have a sign hanging on the gate that says "CURIOUS?" It points people to the story on our website. He intended to look at the website each night, but got distracted each time. On Monday night, he proceeded to read through the website and watch the videos that tell the story of 12th Rock and what we do as an organization. He was inspired by the story, and said to himself, I can help inner city kids right in my own "back yard." He decided at 4 am Tuesday February 27th, 2018 to help 12th Rock bring the vision for the NE Field to reality.

He told me all this as we spoke of the lack of a good foundation for today's youth and the troublesome world they live in. He said 12th Rock is giving today's generation what they need and proceeded to donate his services to demolish the foundations, the concrete barn, the silos, install the 50 spot parking lot, and rough grade the entire barn yard area of the property. We had been specifically praying for God to open hearts to give and that he would raise up the people to get it done. He said, and I quote, "I have the equipment and the talents to do this, why shouldn't I do this. Let's get this place cleaned up." Our only cost will be fuel for his machines. I am not sure what all this work would cost, but I know that this is a major donation! He brought his equipment that afternoon and began working. The property will be completely cleaned up in less than a week. This will help us reach our goal of having grass ready for the May 5th event we are hosting on the NE Field.

Oh, God was not done yet. We also met with another gentleman onsite that afternoon who happened to know the site contractor for the local power plant that is under construction. That contractor mentioned to him that he has to donate a temporary parking lot which was installed for the project. The parking lot consists of the perfect blend of stone for installing a road, which we need 700' worth. The estimated total of stone is 50,000 tons roughly a $400-500,000 worth of stone. They have to remove it in the next month or so. He talked with Greg and he said it is all yours, just cover the trucking. The power plant is 2.5 miles from the NE Field. We were not expecting that, but I guess we need a road! We are praying for a chance to walk the property with the contractor (who is a Christian) and that he catches the vision and donates the trucking.  Want to be a part of this story? DONATE

One more thing, a father of one our basketball players (Todd) stopped by yesterday, to measure the barn we are keeping for storage. He has been drawing the plans for the future sports complex as a thank you for all the years 12th Rock has mentored his son. He is donating the drawings for the storage barn as well.

Lastly, a couple more checks came in for the balance on the property as well.

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God gets all the glory,