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In the Spring of 2017, over 100 people sacrificially gave more than $100,000 towards this project within a 12 week time period. Although we did not reach our initial goal of $250,000, the property owner's agreed to close on the land on July 21st, 2017. These generous men have agreed to a 1-year, INTEREST FREE, mortgage!!

This means that we own the property and can begin working on the project, which WE PLAN TO FAITHFULLY DO!

Or you can mail a check to: 12th Rock, 680 Rte 211, Suite 3B-167, Middletown, NY 10941

Donations to date...

  • Down payment to go under contract to purchase the land... $10,000 donated in October of 2016
  • Lawyer fees...$7,500 donated in 2017
  • Completed full proforma for the project...$25,000 donated in January 2016
  • Completed site plan, and traffic study, for approval by the Town of Wallkill planning board... $45,000 donated since October of 2016
  • Property cleanup...equipment use donated by Pine Bush Equipment (PBE), $3,000 donated to cover the cost of dumpsters, 1-week of time donated by two gentlemen from North Carolina
  • Demolishing of barns... $7,500 donated, January of 2018, to cover the grinding of the demolished structures (work done by Suburban Excavating), equipment use donated by (PBE)
  • Garbage cleanup...donation of two dumpsters by IWS
  • Initial site work and demolishing of silos...services donated by Dino from Suburban excavating (need to cover cost of fuel, approximately $2,000)| READ MORE

What's Next?...Funds/resources needed

  • Pay off the mortgage on the land...$110,000READ MORE
  • Disposal of tires left on site...$2,500
  • Site work (base course for parking lots and roadway)... stone for this entire project is being donated (need to cover cost of trucking, approximately $10,000), excavation and equipment is being donated, multiple people are donating their time to run the machines
  • Finish grade the lawn areas and plant grass seed... seed and mulch hay being donated by EP Jansen Nursery, equipment use donated by PBE, work crew coming from North Carolina, work crew coming from our area as well | READ MORE
  • Renovate the storage barn...architectural drawings being donated by local family, $50,000 needed to cover the cost of: the building permit, new roof, structural work, windows, doors and siding
  • Architectural renderings of the building submitted to the building department... $250,000 for architect and $50,000 for building permit

State of the art indoor track, turf, and court sports complex, DEBT FREE!

In Orange County, NY there is a great need for a youth-focused, community-backed sports complex. Brothers Greg and Mark Jaloszynski, both graduates of Pine Bush High School and long-time residents of the area, have stepped up to the challenge! Five years ago Greg and Mark formed 12th Rock Sports, a 501c(3) non-profit organization which utilizes leagues, camps, and community outreach events to instill positive character traits into athletes, preparing them not only for next level athletics, but for life.

But 12th Rock is about so much more than sports. At 12th Rock we are committed to teaching children about teamwork, respect for authority and sportsmanship. We are focused on creating opportunities for youth in the Northeast to increase their character through camps, sports, and missions. At the heart of all we do, 12th Rock is about using sports to engage and empower this generation to be tomorrow’s leaders.

For nearly two years, Greg and Mark have been in pursuit of bringing to the area a central hub for youth sports; a complex that can house nearly any sport, including rising to meet the immense need of the track community. This is a huge project that will have an unbelievable impact on the Middletown area, greater Hudson Valley and Tri-state areas…

The complex will house all 12th Rock programs the community has loved for years and allow for expansion. We’ll host local and state track meets, basketball and volleyball tournaments, soccer, wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, and more. There will be multi-purpose rooms suitable for group fitness. It will be a site for after-school programs, urban missions, and community outreach. The possibilities are endless and countless youth and families will be positively impacted!

Donations are tax deductible and the impact of your gift for generations to come is priceless. HERE

Will you step up and accept the challenge?! Let’s unite as a community to make something awesome happen!!

More information about the project…